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3800 Alameda is committed to providing only the best and most disciplined 24 hour security for all tenants and guests who enter our doors. The security console is located on the ground floor lobby in the center of the room. All guests are required to check in with one of our security professionals, provide proper and current identification, and state the purpose of their visit prior to being granted access beyond the ground floor. In addition, all employees who work at 3800 Alameda are required to provide a proper employee I.D badge (provided by their employer) before being granted access into the passenger elevators.

Not only does 3800 Alameda provide the highest level of security to insure maximum safety, but our security staff is well trained in CPR, emergency procedures, building systems, fire and life safety protocols, and much more. Beyond keeping our building secure, they provide a friendly face and warm welcome to everyone who passes through our doors. As mentioned above our security staff serves the building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be reached dialing 818-846-3319 or by cell at 747-258-1807.


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